About the artist:

Georgi Shishkov is a Bulgarian marine artist.
Since 1973 he has painted more than 700 artworks.
Georgi Shishkov is a member of the Society of the artist in Kardzhali.
His paintings challenges a great interest with their elegant and varied colour, fine technique and precision details.
The artist uses canvas and oils.
The usual dimensions of his paintings are between 45/50 cm. and 80/100 cm.
Many of Georgi Shishkov`s artworks are owned of many collectors from Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Izrael, Turkey, Kuwait, USA, Canada.

In recent years a large part in Georgi Shishkov`s creativity take the landscapes, the natural and historical sights.
The ancient trakian city Perperikon is also a theme in his paintings.


1978 - Became a member of the Society of the Artists from Kardzhali. Since this year he has participated in all exhibitions conducted in Kardzhali and the area.
1979 - Participation in a General national art exhibition, Kardzhali.
1979 - The Bulgarian National Television has made a movie about the creativity of Georgi Shishkov.The movie is connected with the cultural life of Kardzhali and the area.
1986 - Participation in International planner, Vratsa.
1989, 1992, 1994, 1997 - Participation in the Nationa exhibitions of the teachers-artists, Veliko Tarnovo.
1993 - Participation in a General art exhibition of artists from Sofia and Kardzhali, Sofia.
1995 - Participation in a Jointly art exhibition of french and bulgarian artists, under the patronage of the mayors of Kardzhali and Marcey, France. Shishkov is nominated with a medal. Kardzhali
1996 - Participation in the National art exhibition "The Sea" in gallery "Vitosha", Sofia. Maximilian Kirov, the art director, estimated highly the paintings of Georgi Shishkov.
2000-2003 - Participation in Charity auctions, Kardzhali.
2002 - Participation in a General art exhibition of Society of the Artists from Kardzhali in fine arts gallery "Bovjel", Plovdiv.
2003 - One man show "Sea and Truth" in fine arts gallery "Bovjel", Plovdiv.
2003 - Participation in an International exhibition in Visegrad, Hungary.
2004 - The Evrokom TV broadcast "Faces of Bulgaria" presented a movie for Georgi Shishkov.
2004 - One man show in the City Fine Arts Gallery,Kardzhali
2005 - Participation in a Jointly exhibition of the Societies of the Artist from Kardzhali and Haskovo, Haskovo.
2006, September - Participation in regional planner, Zlatograd.
2006, October - Participation in regional planner, Momtchilgrad.
2006, November - Participation in regional planner, Kardzhali.
2006, November - One man show in the Art Gallery, Kardzhali
2007, June - One man show in the 7th International art festival "Perperikon-2007", in the city dramatical theatre "Dimitar Dimov", Kardzhali

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